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Commonly Asked Questions

Why Should You Consider Contact Lenses?
Today’s contact lenses are safe, easy to wear, and convenient. Often times, the vision from contact lenses is much more natural and vivid in perception than with eyeglasses. Eyeglasses are further away from the eyes, which can cause blurred vision when the glasses get wet or dirty. Also, many of our patients prefer to wear their contact lenses for social and professional reasons, as well as for sporting activities. And when you look and feel your best, it helps to boost your self confidence and improve your lifestyle…whether at work or at play. Today’s contact lenses are the safe and natural choice for millions of people.

Eyeglasses vs. Today’s Contact Lenses:

Eyeglasses: By the time you consider the costs involved with a new eye exam, along with a lightweight frame or a “designer frame,” newer polycarbonate lenses with a scratch resistant coating, and a tint in the glasses to reduce glare, your investment can easily turn into a $400.00 to $500.00 expense. And if you add the option to include prescription sunglasses for outdoor use, the cost for new eyewear can easily amount to over $600.00. 

Contact Lenses: For a fraction of that cost, you can purchase a complete contact lens program that may offer clear, crisp, and natural vision for the next 2+ years. And if your vision changes,you simply order a fresh new lens with the new prescription, to keep your vision sharp and clear. Finally, if you enjoy wearing sunglasses, you’ll now have the option of ready made sunglasses without prescription lenses since your prescription is already in your contact lenses!

Lasik Surgery vs. Today’s Contact Lenses:
Although lasik surgery has become an option for some, it is important to remember that no surgery to the eye is completely safe or free of complications. More importantly, you may have to live with the results of this surgery for the rest of your life………whether the results are good or bad. Also, lasik surgery is considered successful when 20/40 vision is achieved……. which is a common requirement for a driver’s license here in California. But you may not be happy with 20/40 vision!  Like many people, you may prefer the sharpness and acuity of 20/20 vison, to which you’ve become accustomed with your present glasses or contact lenses. 

Unlike lasik surgery, today’s new-style and user-friendly contact lenses are relatively inexpensive, non surgical, convenient, and healthy. Many eye care professionals and consumers will agree that today’s contact lenses are a better alternative than refractive eye surgery. Most importantly, it makes sense to try something that’s reversible –like contact lenses—before one commits to a surgical procedure that cannot be reversed.

Finally, most people are not aware that refractive surgery is rarely permanent. When the vision of the eye having the lasik procedure changes in a few years, new eye glasses, contact lenses, or even another surgery must be considered in order for the vision to stay in focus.

Why You Should Consider LCLC:
The Bible says in Proverbs 22:1, “
A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”  Over the past 25 years, our office has been able to develop a unique reputation for being the “the safe choice” for thousands of successful and enthusiastic patients who simply won’t go anywhere else for the professional fitting of their contact lenses. 

We represent over 100 different contact lens companies, and many of our state of the art designs, materials, and techniques have also allowed us to expand the limits of our profession. Patients have often commented that they feel we are uniquely qualified to balance our skill and expertise in a warm and user friendly style.

Our patients range in age from numerous 7 and 8 year old children, who required contact lenses as a therapeutic appliance……all the way up to a very young 88 year old gentleman, who also has cataract implants in both eyes, required a corneal transplant, and still can wear his contact lenses beautifully every day as a medical device over his transplanted cornea.

At our office we see approximately 40 patients daily, and would like to add you to our growing family of contact lens patients.

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