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The Dream

Imagine yourself seeing clearly in a world without eyeglasses……and without the risk and uncertainty of laser eye surgery. Today’s contact lenses are the quick, safe, and very affordable alternative for millions of active people on the go, who don’t want to wear glasses, and definitely are not ready for the risk of laser eye surgery. At the Lyon Contact Lens Center weare prepared for the new millennium with a solution for almost everyone!
For less than the price for a cup of coffee on a daily basis, you can experience new generations of contact lenses that are so comfortable, they virtually “mimic” the cornea tissue of the human eye. Even mature but active adults wearing bifocals have enjoyed the freedom offered at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, through one of our many bifocal contact lens programs.
Now that we have all entered the 21st Century, there are presently 90 million Americans who need bifocals. Added to that number are millions of people who are either nearsighted, farsighted, or need astigmatism correction…….With the new generation of contact lenses that are now available at the Lyon Contact Lens Center, thousands of our patients are thrilled to finally be free of their thick and heavy glasses and bifocals, once and for all!

The Dream: Our Past, Present, And Future…..
As Told By Bill Lyon,  Founder And Director Of The Lyon Contact Lens Center For 25 Years:

Our new location at the Logos Building in the South Coast Metro area of Southern California is a dream come true for all of us!¬† And our Full Line Contact Lens Center now has five examination rooms contained in an office that provides a haven of rest, fellowship, and love for all of our patients. God continues to show us that He will always provide for our needs….as we serve the needs of His people. We thank you for the opportunity to serve you, and hope you will enjoy reading about our past, present, and future!

Our Past
25 years ago, my first patients were the typical 18-24 year old kids who loved sports, wanted an active lifestyle, and hated glasses. I was only a few years older than these people myself, so I was able to relate to their needs and demands. The lenses of the 70’s were either hard or soft. They required slow adaptation, lots of messy solutions, and lots and lots of patience from both the patient and myself. Only one in ten of these people were old enough to need bifocals, much less cataract or astigmatic lenses. With our one office, most of our patient base was located within a 5 mile radius of Anaheim and Fullerton borders.
Our Present
Our patient base has not only grown in size, they have grown up as well. We have fitted and refitted three generations of contact lens wearers.The 25 year old kid I fitted in the 70’s is now a grandma or grandpa. And 50% of our patients are in their mid years or golden years.These people don’t like glasses. And they especially don’t want to wear bifocals. Our wonderful challenge today is to fit these precious people into contact lenses that can now correct for their bifocal needs, their near or farsightedness as well as for astigmatism.

Many of our most successful patients are pilots, athletes, police officers, California Highway Patrol,Sheriffs, and Marshals, along with FBI and Secret Service personnel. Housewives, students, and other individuals of varying occupations and lifestyles complete our list of successful, enthusiastic, and loyal family members of the LCLC.

We are now fitting corneal transplant recipients… along with people who have had cataract implants. Most recently, we started to refit people who have had laser and refractive surgeries that were either unsuccessful or did not last. The irony is that these same individuals had perfectly healthy corneas prior to surgery. We must now refit their corneas with contact lenses in order to correct the visual abnormality caused by the refractive surgery itself.

Our patient base now spreads up and down the coast like a road map. From Santa Barbara to San Diego, we greet thousands of new referrals from other doctors, family members, and friends who are willing to drive great distances to come to our new office here in the Logos Building in the South Coast Metro Area of Southern California.

Our Future
Now that we have entered the 21st Century, we are enthusiastically looking forward to newer generation contact lenses that will help to address an even wider range of optical challenges and needs for our patients. We will be focusing much of our attention not only on our patient base with healthy eyes……but also on individuals whose only hope for a normal lifestyle can come from contact lenses that take the place of the human cornea in cases of accidents, injuries, diseases, and unsuccessful laser eye surgeries. We pray that God will direct us to those areas in which we can be a blessing to others with the abilities He has given us.