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Larry Gregory,
Missionary to Guam:

“I’m very satisfied with the service and attention
to my contact lens needs. That’s why I still come
to The Lyon Contact Lens Center after 25 years… even though I now live in Guam as a missionary.”

Skip Heitzig,
Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Albuquerque:

“I first met Bill Lyon while living in Southern California. He fitted me 32 years ago, and I still wear lenses from his office. His professionalism combined with his quality of care is a rare find.”

David Hocking,
Hope For Today Ministries:

“Bill Lyon is the best! I’m much more comfortable wearing my contact lenses as opposed to my bifocals. The staff at the LCLC is always warm and friendly.”

Mike McIntosh,
Pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship:

“The staff is the best. From the moment you
walk in, you feel special. Bill Lyon is not only
a professional, but someone who cares for each person as an individual.”

Raul Ries,
Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Golden Springs:

“I’ve always felt very comfortable working with
the staff at the Lyon Contact Lens Center. I like wearing my contact lenses much better than wearing my bifocal glasses and I would never
want to wear my glasses again.”

Chuck Smith,
Pastor of Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa:

“The one thing I’ve enjoyed the most about
wearing contact lenses is the improvement in
vision of contact lenses over glasses, there is no comparison. The staff at the Lyon Contact Lens Center made me feel very welcome. And Bill Lyon worked patiently with me until everything was perfect.”

Walt White,
Pastor of Acts Christian Fellowship:

“I like my contact lenses over glasses because when I’m preaching, I don’t have to worry about
my glasses getting steamed up. A wonderful spirit of excellence and love permeates the entire office every time I come in. I also respect Bill Lyon as a true professional in his field. The comfort begins
all the way from the front desk and into the examining rooms.”
Adult Patients and Children Patients

Dennis Berry, Patient of 18 years:
“Due to the particular problems I have with my eyes, I have great confidence in Bill Lyon’s abilities to help me. With my new contact lenses, I now have better vision. It’s great to finally be able to read without additional reading glasses.”

Terry Cirre, Patient of 14 years:
“I’m a policeman who comes from Arizona every year to the LCLC. Great service and products are the reasons I still come to see Bill Lyon.”

Sarah Davis, Patient of 26 years:
“I’m so thankful for my contact lenses! It’s wonderful to be free from glasses. The staff
has always been very helpful and friendly. I
feel right at home. And Bill Lyon has always
been willing to take the time to listen.”

Nancy Duremdes, Patient of 31 years:
“I’ve been seeing Bill Lyon for more than 20
years, it’s been wonderful. The office is clean
and pleasant with nice décor and friendly people!”

Jim Hodson, Patient of 31 years:
“I have very poor vision, and a lot of astigmatism. Yet Bill Lyon worked hard to get just the right lenses for perfect vision, fit and comfort. The
Lyon Staff has been so friendly and helpful! I’ve been coming back for 18 years, even though I now live 60 miles away. It is very well worth the drive.”

Diane Howard, Patient of 28 years:
“Bill Lyon and his staff are all great people who have encouraged me throughout the years. Bill is very kind and genuinely caring. He really wanted
my lenses to work for me. I have enjoyed being
a patient of Bill Lyon’s for over 28 years. I praise God for him!”

Sue Hughes, Patient of 26 years:
“I have been coming to Lyon Contact Lens Center for almost 20 years and wouldn’t change! They’re the best!”

Sondra Johnson, Patient of 19 years:
“I come to the LCLC because of their professionalism, and loving, Godly environment.”

John Lemire, Patient of 15 years:
“When I first came to you, I had almost given
up hope. Refractive surgeries to my eyes had
left my vision in a sorry state. For years, I had experienced double vision and the inability to
see clearly out of my right eye. Glasses could
not correct my vision, and I was at the verge of giving up and wearing a permanent patch over
my right eye.”

“Then GOD sent me to see you, and worked a miracle through the skills He has so richly blessed you with. After you fit me for contacts,I was able
to see clearly for the first time in years! How can
I ever thank you for the gift of sight, this treasure that so many people take for granted until they loose it? May God richly bless you, and you will always be in our prayers.”

Jim Marley, Patient of 8 years:
“I like the timely service, phone courtesy, and attention given to my needs and concerns. All organizations could take a few lessons from
your office on customer service.”

Joe Middendorf, Patient of 15 years:
“I like how the office is bright and clean, and
how everyone who works there is very nice, courteous and helpful. I especially like the
feeling I have inside when I leave the office
after my appointment.”

Nicole Milovich, Patient of over 8 years:
“I love my contact lenses! I’ve worn glasses
since I was 9 years old.I love not having to
wear glasses anymore. Me, my mom and my grandma all go to The Lyon Contact Lens Center.”

Betsy Revely, Patient of 11 years:
“The people are friendly and they are Christians!
My mom’s been going here since she was in her 20’s, so she knows everyone.”

Don Stewart, Patient of 3 years:
“I had eye surgery, and after 15 years I could no longer see to drive or read up close. Bill Lyon fitted me into new lenses that give me excellent near and distant vision. One of the best decisions I ever made was visiting the Lyon Contact Lens Center!”

Linda Vinson, Patient of 8 years:
“The office and staff are very kind and concerned. I wish everyone I dealt with was as wonderful.”

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